What is Calisthenics and Why Should You Practice It?


Hello, I'm David Salas, your companion on the mats and the mind behind GoRollBJJ. Today, I want to introduce you to a discipline that has captured my attention and that I think will interest you as well: calisthenics.

So, what is calisthenics? Calisthenics is a form of exercise that relies on using your own body weight to improve your strength, flexibility, and control. You don't need weights or gym machines to practice it. Your body and your will are your main tools.

Calisthenics includes a variety of exercises, from the most basic ones like push-ups and squats, to the more advanced ones like muscle-ups and front levers. But don't worry if these latter ones sound intimidating. We all start from scratch, and with time and practice, you can come to master them.

Now, why should you practice calisthenics? There are several reasons. First, calisthenics is incredibly versatile. You can practice it anywhere, whether in a park, at your home, or in a gym. You don't need much space or specialized equipment.

Second, calisthenics is excellent for improving your strength and physical condition. Calisthenics exercises work several muscle groups at once, allowing you to get a full workout in less time.

Third, calisthenics helps you develop great body awareness. Calisthenics exercises require balance and control, which help you better understand how your body moves and functions.

And finally, calisthenics is a challenge. It pushes you to surpass yourself and to constantly improve. And there are few things more satisfying than seeing how your effort and dedication bear fruit.

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Stay strong, be consistent, and keep challenging your limits. The journey towards calisthenics is a journey worth taking.

Until next time, keep rolling!

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