GR exercise block


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  • Includes: 1 Blocks
  • Material: EVA
  • Technology: Low foamed
  • Size: 3’X6’X9′
  • Weight: 120±20g
  • Hardness: 40°
  • Color: blue, green, pink, purple
  • Usage: Yoga, Pilate, Gymnastics, Dance, Treadmill, Antifatigue, Sports etc
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GR exercise block

The BR Exercise Block is a fundamental accessory for yoga practitioners of all levels, offering support, stability, and versatility during yoga sessions. Crafted from high-density foam, these blocks provide the perfect combination of firmness and comfort, allowing users to find their balance and deepen their stretches with confidence.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your flexibility or an experienced yogi seeking to enhance your practice, the GR Exercise Block is an essential tool for unlocking the full potential of your yoga routine.

One of the key benefits of the GR Exercise Block is its ability to assist in achieving proper alignment in yoga poses. By placing the block under the hands, feet, or hips, practitioners can modify poses to suit their individual needs and abilities, ensuring safe and effective alignment throughout their practice. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who may struggle with flexibility or balance, as well as for more experienced yogis looking to refine their alignment and deepen their practice.

In addition to alignment assistance, the GR Exercise Block can also be used to enhance the intensity of yoga poses.

By providing support and stability, the block allows practitioners to safely explore deeper stretches and more challenging poses, helping to improve flexibility, strength, and balance over time.

Whether you’re working on backbends, forward folds, or inversions, the Yoga Exercises Block can help you take your practice to the next level and achieve greater depth and mindfulness in your yoga practice.

Furthermore, the GR Exercise Block is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your yoga practice. In addition to providing support during poses, the block can also be used as a prop for meditation, allowing practitioners to sit comfortably and maintain proper posture for extended periods of time.
Additionally, the block can be incorporated into strength-building exercises such as planks and push-ups, adding an extra challenge to your yoga routine and helping to build muscle strength and endurance.

Another advantage of the Yoga Exercises Block is its portability and convenience. Lightweight and compact, the block can easily be carried to and from the yoga studio or gym, making it a convenient accessory for on-the-go yogis.

In summary, the GR Exercise Block is a versatile and essential tool for yoga practitioners of all levels. Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility, enhance your strength, or deepen your practice, the block offers endless possibilities for exploration and growth. With its ability to assist in proper alignment, intensify poses, and support meditation, the GR Exercise Block is a valuable asset for anyone looking to take their yoga practice to new heights.

GR exercise block
The GR Exercise Block is more than just a physical support; it serves as a reminder to breathe deeply, stay present, and honor your body’s needs. As you incorporate the block into your practice, you’ll discover new ways to challenge yourself and find greater ease in challenging poses. Whether you’re using it to find stability in balancing postures or to deepen your stretches in restorative poses, the GR Exercise Block becomes a trusted companion on your journey to physical and mental well-being.
With each practice, you’ll gain confidence, strength, and a deeper connection to yourself, making the GR Exercise Block an invaluable tool in your yoga practice and beyond.
Low foamed
blue, green, pink, purple
Yoga, Pilate, Gymnastics, Dance, Treadmill, Antifatigue, Sports etc
Silk-screen/Hot pressing/Laser
David Salas

Personal trainer, founder of GoRoll and associate instructor in Animal Fitness

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Blue , Green , Pink , Purple

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